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Virgil Green's Catches for Community


I aspire to be a positive force in communities by helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve their dreams. That’s why my family and I formed The Green Family Foundation, and why this year I’m taking the field with a renewed purpose to make my catches count!
I’m personally pledging $500 for every reception I have this season, and I hope you’lljoin me by making your pledge with me
All of the funds raised will go toward our mission to provide programs, resources, community outreach efforts, and advocate and encourage the development of physical and cognitive skills necessary to lead a balanced and wholesome life.
Every little bit helps. No pledge is too small or too large. Please give what you can, and help spread the word. Thank you for your generous support in helping us embrace a culture of trust and respect that promotes courage and balance through resilience, inspiration, and determination!

- Virgil Green

  • As a special thank you, anyone whose total pledge or donation equals at least $25 will be entered to win a Virgil Green signed jersey

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Jan 24, 2023

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